MSCPA Student Member Spotlight: Bryan Brogan

From Marine to Future CPA


            Many accounting students trace their interest in the field back to a high school class or a parent’s occupation. Even a summer job, where they handled cash statements, is often the catalyst. For UMass Dartmouth Senior, Bryan Brogan, the spark for accounting came while serving in the Marines.

MSCPA student member Bryan Brogan grew up in Spencer, MA. He graduated from David Prouty High School in 2009 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Brogan deployed to Afghanistan and while serving he acquired his taste for accounting. “My job in the Marines was in the fiscal section for supply operations. It involved a lot of accounting and I really enjoyed the responsibility and level of detail it involved,” said Brogan.

Brogan furthered his interest in the field by taking online accounting courses while still in the Marines. He left active duty as a Corporal in 2011 (he was promoted to Sergeant in the Inactive Reserves) and enrolled as an accounting major at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, class of 2015. On choosing UMass Dartmouth Brogan said, “I really enjoy being of part of something growing. I chose UMass Dartmouth because the business program was growing and has continued to build since I’ve been here.”

Bryan continued his studies and got involved both on campus, by joining the accounting club, and becoming an MSCPA Student Member and Campus Ambassador. He said, “The MSCPA’s been great. Every event I attend I learn something useful and get to network with interesting people. I encourage my classmates to become involved with the MSCPA and get the most out of it that they can.”

Now in his final semester, Bryan is completing a tax internship at Ed Sylvia CPA in New Bedford, MA. He advises students seeking an internship to make sure they’ve taken their core accounting courses. “My advice for students (looking for internships) would be to take as many accounting courses early in college as they can. In interviews they like to see that you have a grasp and experience in what they’ll be asking you to do.”

After graduation Brogan plans to earn his MSA, from UMass Amherst online, and join a public accounting firm. However, whether to focus on audit or tax, he’s undecided, “At first I really thought I wanted to go into audit and that’s what I’d focus in. However, with my internship and tax class I’m really getting into tax and want to explore it more.”

In his spare time you can find Bryan hiking with his girlfriend, completing adventure races such as the Tough Mudder or pursuing another passion: cooking. “I love to cook. I like to break that whole stereotype of student’s living off Ramen. I enjoy Italian cooking and just finished a roast I’ve been working on that should last the week,” Brogan said.

A Marine veteran, motivated accounting student, and he cooks, let’s file this one under: going places.


Follow Bryan on Twitter @BCBrogan3  and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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