MSCPA Student Member Spotlight: Kimberly Moore

A Sophomore On The Rise

headshot31.    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you grew up? Attended school?
I am a sophomore at Bryant University, graduating in May of 2017. I grew up in Agawam, Massachusetts (home of Six Flags New England) and attended Agawam High School. I have an older brother in the Marine Corps and a sister in graduate school studying Occupational Therapy.  

2.    What influenced you to study accounting?
I entered a business school confused about what I wanted to do as far as a long-term career, but I always had a strong interest and talent for math. I took a non-credited career exploration class in the spring of my freshman year and the personality/career test results matched highest with an accounting career. I took financial accounting the following semester (fall of sophomore year), loved it, and declared my major not long after.

3.    What has been your experience with the accounting program at your school?
I am not fully enveloped in the accounting program at my school yet. I have taken financial accounting and am currently enrolled in managerial accounting, both of which have been a great experience. I speak highly of both professors, and am sure they have influenced my passion for accounting since they have been very helpful.

4.    Is there a particular aspect of accounting you like the best & why?
Similar to the question above, I have yet to get a strong enough grasp of all aspects of accounting to be able to gauge which I like the best. I have some interest in auditing, but again, I want a better understanding of all facets of accounting before I make the decision of which I like best.

5.    Have you participated in any internships, and if so, how many and how were they?
I have not had any internships yet however, this summer I will be interning in the Financial Systems department at Mass Mutual in Springfield, Massachusetts. I will also be participating in PwC’s Elevate program in May (The Elevate program is a two-day conference for high-achieving college students interested in learning about a fast-paced career in the professional services industry). I am excited for both experiences and hopefully by the end of the summer I will have a more definitive answer as to what I would like to pursue in the accounting field. 

6.    What advice would you give to those consider studying accounting?
I would advise them to base their decision to study accounting solely on their own self-interest. I have spoken with too many students here at Bryant who have told me they are studying accounting because of the financial benefit associated with the career, or because their parents are accountants and want them to be studying accounting as well. You need to set yourself up for a career that you will be happy with, and that is only going to come from pursuing your own self-interest and no one else’s.

7.    What are your future goals and career plans?
Right now my short-term future goal is to achieve a GPA of 3.5. My long-term future goals and career plans are to become a CPA at one of the big four accounting firms, but more importantly, my plan is to feel satisfied and happy with my career.

8.    Outside of accounting what could we find you up to?
Most of my time consists of taking classes, working and participating in the commitments I am involved with at school. One of my favorite involvements is being a member of the Ways and Means Budgeting Committee because I like having a voice in the decisions regarding the distribution of the Student Involvement Fee. While at home I worked at Panera Bread until recently accepting the internship at Mass Mutual for this summer along with taking two summer classes.

A sophomore with clear goals, actively acheiving them, the future looks bright for Kimberly.


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